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Company Overview

InvigorIT provides services that span the full life cycle of modern electronic medical record and practice management software that can start even before software is chosen. We have decades of experience with NextGen from all cycles including very custom template and system enhancements. Our experienced team can help bridge the gap between the promises of a sales person to the reality of your practice, making sure you are not over promised and under delivered.

Our services include pre-system readiness assessment, infrastructure, workflow optimization, training, support (for initial go-live through help desk services long after), custom development, system customization and system/workflow optimization.

What working with InvigorIT gets you:

  • A Multidisciplinary team of subject matter experts with years of experience working in healthcare
  • One-Stop-Shop for system setup and design, template development, custom software development, project management, implementation, interface design, and useful tailored training.
  • Full technical resources to help you with all of your organization’s hardware.  We can optimize your organization’s use of thin/fat clients, virtualization server clusters, database administration, and even the network between.