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InvigorIT’s Technical Services

Let’s be blunt.  This is a big technical dance between hardware, software, and the people who use it.  Nearly every member of our team individually has more than a decade of experience blending the People, the Software, the Process, and the Technical together into a smooth running engine to power your practice forward.

Anywhere between the planning stages of an implementation to the transition from one system to another, we can help to filter through the sales pitches regardless of which vendor or software you choose.  InvigorIT will help collaborate between our senior consultants, vendors, IT staff, and your organization to bring a practical, sustainable, and efficient implementation at any stage.

Another Way to Look at It

While the technical aspect of an EHR system is vast, in the end it is just a tool.  Like a moving automobile, the person behind the wheel and how they control the vehicle have as much as an impact as the vehicle itself.  InvigorIT has been there for many in the design, process, implementation, training, and support of multiple EHR systems.  We can provide guidance along this journey.


 Knowledge is one thing, but being able to pass knowledge along to a wide range of end users is an art form.  Our team of comprehension artists can help rally your troops and pass along years of experience in a way our clients find refreshing.  You can get someone to talk to you anywhere.  Here we help you learn.

  • End User Training
  • Go-Live Support
  • Meaningful Use Readiness
  • Process Review & Improvement
  • Workflow Optimization
Big things come in small packages.  Sometimes that which is small is also immeasurable.  We have the skill needed to do just about anything you need within the applications you use.  Our team includes template developers, .Net programmers, SQL masters, and graphic designers.  We can make computers dance and develop nearly anything you need from your workstation to the server farm.

  • Data Conversion
  • Database Administration and Architecture
  • Full Cycle EHR Template Development
  • Scanning System Complete Cycle
From the initial planning phase, through deployment and post go-live analysis, the process itself can be the point of success or failure for an implementation.  We have worked with clinics that haven’t started an implementation yet through those that have a process that needed fine tuning.  We can streamline nearly any process using real world experience, obtainable goals, and a clear roadmap.

  • Business & Clinical Solutions
  • Lean Principles (eg Kaizan)
  • Integration Management
  • Pre & Post Go-Live Analysis
  • Project Implementation
  • Project Management
Our enthusiasm for the latest technology that empowers business and our years of experience from the desktop PC through to the enterprise data center make us a great partner to supplement your technical resources. We understand the interaction between information systems, the infrastructure they run on, and the people that use them. Our team is fluent with the tech that brings enterprise performance, high availability, scalability, and security to your business. We can translate the techie and help you understand the requirements and benefits it brings.

  • Advanced Network Systems and Virtualization
  • Datacenter operation
  • Interoperability Services
  • Security & Disaster Recovery
  • Strategic Information System
  • System & Network Consulting
  • Full System Optimization

Why Choose Us?

  • HIPAA Compliant/Certified.
  • NextGen Certified Support Staff.
  • 100% USA Employees.
  • Implementation Support Services.
  • Project Management, Lean & Kaizan Principles.
  • One-Stop NextGen Shop.
  • Performance Optimization.
  • Template Development.
  • Server Administration.
  • NextGen Application and IT Support.



What Client’s Say

Victoria Eye Center has used the services of InvigorIT repeatedly over the last 5 years. We continue to benefit from the experience that Mr. Arnold brings to our template modification projects. Specifically he is capable of bringing our ideas to reality without having to re-invent the wheel. We benefit from leveraging his experience and knowledge, giving us reliable and efficient templates that meet our needs. InvigorIT has always met or exceeded our timelines and expectations. InvigorIT has been and remains our first choice for all manner of Electronic Health Record support.
Kraig StClair, IT Director, Victoria Eye Center