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Everyone is different, but the core of the process contains the same structure.  Our experiences with large and small medical practices have helped us narrow it down to these six pieces of a prime process:

1: Planning

Everyone has heard horror and success stories in regards to the same software.  This is where those stories often split: In the planning phases.  We all need to understand the complete paths a patient takes in every contact with them, whether it be in person visits or the contact an Explanation of Benefits has between the envelop being sealed and ending up in the patient’s mail box. Here we thoroughly analyze workflow and understand what makes your patients and your situation unique.  We can’t know where we are going without knowing where we are.

During this planning phase, the current system and template layout will be discussed, Physician Champion(s) will be identified, possible system customization will be assessed, and initial training will be given for the core team.

2: Deployment

Based on the workflow analysis, we will make changes to the system and templates to ensure smooth workflow and proper documentation. If additions or changes to the system and infrastructure are required, we can assess them here.  Any changes will be tested to guarantee their form and function. Also, modifications to repair any ‘bugs’ that come out of the box will be performed here.

3: Training

Your go-live should not be your practice time.  No one Is a huge fan of long classroom sessions, but some are needed for core competency.  Based on your workflows and specialty, a custom training plan will be tailored to make this piece of the puzzle as efficient, swift and productive as possible.  Providers, clinical support staff, and clerical support staff all have a part to play, and this gets everyone ready for the big show.

4: Go-Live

Here, each provider will receive one-on-one assistance through encounters for your real patients.  Through the experience of having been through many go-lives combined with a charismatic team approach, we will go live through the means that fits your needs.  With a template engineer on site during the go-live, streamlining out the kinks can be made more efficient then a telephone-tag game of help-desk ticket submission that everyone has seen drag results to a halt.  This helps to get the provider workload moving again.  Big Bang, phased, clinic by clinic, or enterprise wide.  We’ve been there and we can help point you in the right direction.

5: Post Go-Live Analysis

Provider feedback from their first two weeks of go-live will be taken into account to reinforce some processes and adjust others.  Template and document development will be assessed and a plan of attack for the implementation of any customizations will be evaluated.  Reviews of each physician and feedback from one-on-one meetings will help to reinforce good habits and each physician in completing encounters where necessary. We will also discuss suggestions and concerns with the Champion Physician during this phase.

6: Post Go-Live Adjustments

Any issues uncovered in the post go-live analysis will be discussed and possible changes to workflow will be assessed.  A blueprint for the long term health of the system will be lain out.  We will also help to make sure any template, document, or system modification is done in a way to ensure the long term stability of the system.